About Us

Chetco FCU is born from the need for the Fitness sector, the sector needs a multi-brand company that can offer the same prices as the manufacturers, with the same guarantees and with the best experts to offer the best of each firm, ie the best of each manufacturer with all the guarantees and the best prices.

Chetco FCU is the largest distributor with Own Brand and MultiBrand of Semi-Professional and Professional machinery with a clear mission: to equip and condition your business so that you are the best. To do this we want to offer each customer the product they are looking for at a competitive price, providing the best user experience.

Our ideals:

We are Committed

Chetco FCU is a company where all employees are committed to providing the best shopping experience and customer support. No answering machines. We offer answers and solutions to your needs and objectives.

We are Passionate

We all know that whoever is passionate about what he does, does it better. Passion for work and sport is an essential part of our philosophy of sportsmen and sportswomen for sportswomen.

We are Understood

At Chetco FCU we believe in talent above all else. We like our experts to advise us on the best way to go in each field. Because only talent can really take you far.

Ability to learn

We are a company in continuous growth so we have to learn as we go. That’s why our team is made up of dynamic people, capable of renewing themselves every day before the demands of the business.

We like working for you

At Chetco FCU we believe that it has been precisely a mixture of these two components that has made us grow so much in so little. That’s why we’re looking for people who share the enthusiasm of growing a quality project every day with ideas and hard work.

Higher Self-Confidence

Being fit is greater than just a wellness problem. When you look great, you really feel excellent. If you are in form, you will certainly carry yourself in an extra positive means. When you perceive yourself as fit, you are much more most likely to engage in healthy habits, including exercising routinely, consuming a healthy diet plan and treating yourself with regard.

How To Get Fit

Even if you are not at your best yet, there are plenty of methods to come to be in shape! If you have some weight to lose, pick a diet plan that harmonizes your way of living. This will raise your possibilities of success. Work out frequently, obtain a lot of sleep as well as minimize your tension with meditation, yoga exercise and also exercise. One of the most crucial means to ensure you are healthy and balanced is to choose a method that you can quickly keep.