Five Best Protein Shakes to Burn Fat

Protein shakes are drinks that are very high in protein generally derived from soy or egg products. They are often used by bodybuilders and athletes who are interested in increasing your muscle mass. In this article, we address the five best shakes for weight loss. Those shakes you take taste good while regulates various metabolisms in your body. The following are the five best shakes for weight loss.

# 1 Diet Shake Crunchy

Diet Shake Crunchy has chocolate and vanilla flavor.It can be found at several points that work for the best time of health, such as pharmacies and dietary supplements sales stands. According to information published by the manufacturer, a diet made of Diet Shake Crunchy can replace up to two meals.

Among the shake properties are, your low-fat, collagen protein, which aids in skin elasticity, acts as second factor in your weight loss diet, has 23 vitamins and minerals, and is a unique source of fiber. The product so prepared with water or milk, has a creamy appearance.

# 2 female Shake

Female shake can be purchased at various points. Among its properties are: various vitamins and minerals, has no lactose, has zero percent fat, and the assistance to maintain and lose weight. In addition to the above properties, the fibers are soluble. According to the manufacturer, the product is unique to the use of the woman, that is, with a well thought out diet, the woman will have a very healthy life.

# 3 Diet Way

Diet way can be found in several flavors like chocolate, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, strawberry and papaya. Among the properties are: the rapid replacement of a single meal has no cholesterol, low fat, high fiber is, comes to have 116 calories per serving, to be diluted in water or milk. In addition to the data described, has derived proteins of soybeans, minerals and amino acids balanced, and assist in weight loss diets.

# 4 Lean Body – Low Carb

Low Carb has the most diverse regulatory proteins. The shake can replace a meal, have a low fat level, it requires the addition of sugar, called promoting lean body mass, ie a rapid muscle definition, the human body provides 42 grams of high quality protein, vitamins 24 and minerals essential for the human body. In still contains only 12 grams carbohydrate, about 50% less than the original Lean Body. The shake is ideal for high-performance athletes.

# 5 Muscle Whey

The product is a great source of protein and amino acids. There are several flavors available, the most consumed vanilla and chocolate. Its main sources are: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, Selenium, Zinc and Manganese.


Now that you’ve had a few more about these protein shakes for weight loss, it is you to choose the one that best fits your profile, and consequently to the flavors that best helps to supplement your diet, be it a basic diet or a diet more complex, for what will determine is the variation of its food and daily nutritional values.

Diet Guidelines for Low Carbohydrate

Low carbohydrate diets have proven to be quite effective for fat loss. However, there is more to designing an optimal plan than just cutting out bread and sweets. To achieve successful long-term results, dieters should be consuming the right kind of carbohydrates in the right amounts. Below are some fat decimator guidelines to help you create a low carbohydrate diet strategy that will get you the results you desire.

An Important Distinction

There is a substantial difference between low-carb dieting and no-carb or “very low carbohydrate” dieting (VLCD). The basic low carb approach is much easier to follow and provides better, more sustainable results, so that is what will be discussed here. It involves reducing intake by cutting out most starches and sugars, but does allow fruit, fibrous vegetables, nuts and some grains to be consumed. Adjusting to this way of eating is challenging, but it is much more practical than cutting out carbs altogether as some of the more extreme plans recommend.

People often assume that the no-carb approach produces faster weight loss, but this conclusion is not supported by data or anecdotal accounts. As long as intake is low enough to control insulin release and the other diet parameters are in their respective ranges, fat loss will be achieved.

Practical Recommendations

So how many carbohydrates should be consumed for optimal weight loss? This is a rather subjective question, but the general ranges are as follows.

  • Smaller Females (<100lbs to 120lbs ideal body weight): 50 to70 grams per day
  • Larger Females (125lbs to 160lbs ideal body weight): 70 to 90 grams per day
  • Smaller Males (125lbs to 160lbs ideal body weight): 100-120 grams per day
  • Medium-Sized Males (165lbs to 190lbs ideal body weight): 120-150 grams per day
  • Larger Males (>200lbs ideal body weight): 150-175 grams per day

These are ideal ranges to start with, but some individuals may find that intake must be lower for optimal results. A bit of trial and error is sometimes required to find your personal “sweet spot.” Overall calories should be approximately 20 percent below maintenance intake.

Fiber Allowance

Dietary fiber does not get counted in the above listed totals, as it is not processed like other carbohydrates. Simply subtract the dietary fiber from the listed total to get the adjusted amount. For foods without labels, an online calories counting website such as Calorie King can be used to determine carb content.

“Carbing Up”

Studies show that 90 percent compliance to a low carbohydrate diet plan produces the same result as 100 percent compliance, so including a “cheat meal” once per week will not hinder your results. Some studies even suggest that eating a high carbohydrate meal on occasion will prevent the weight loss plateaus that occur when the body goes into starvation mode. Use this meal to eat the starchy or sugary foods you have been craving during the week, but do not go overboard and have a full blown carb frenzy. Limit yourself to one meal per week (not one day), and limit the meal time to two hours. Thus will prevent you from cancelling out all of the hard work you have done on previous days.