4 Sure Ways To Win Back Your Ex

Have you just lost a relationship you really cherished and are wondering whether to move on or try to fix things? If you’re not yet over your ex lover and still retain some hope that the relationship can be mended, you may want to try to draw your ex back.Yes, it can be hard if the other party is unwilling but it’s very possible for a relationship to be fixed. Here are a few simple but effective ways to get your ex back.

  1. Change your appearance

Consider getting yourself some new outfit and hairstyle that makes you stand out. Additionally, hit the gym and get to the best shape you can ever be! The idea is to make yourself stand out as well as seem fresh and different from what your ex lover can remember of you. Though it seems obvious, altering your appearance can make your ex start thinking that you’re comfortable without them and they might start paying attention.

  1. Spend time with others

You don’t have to date or sleep with anyone, but spending time with other people (and especially those of the opposite sex) will let your former partner know that you’re on the prowl and they might become jealous. If they still retain an interest in you, they’ll step in an attempt to stop this.

  1. Don’t contact them for some time

Another way on how to get your ex back is to cut all communication with them for some period of time (for example about two weeks) following the break up. It might seem the wrong thing to do given what you’re working towards , but ignoring your ex lover can get them into thinking that you’re doing perfectly without them and are happy , which ,in most cases, is the opposite of what they actually want . They will try to reach you over the phone or through friends if they’re interested in talking with you. If this is not coming, don’t give up. Try to think of a way to change that.

  1. Establish friendship first

Friendship is the foundation of each and every relationship, whether it’s the first time or you’re trying it a second time. The point is that you should be friends before you get back into that full-on couple- territory, though this can be quite because a break up usually brings on deep feelings of resentment and hatred. However, nothing is impossible. Start planning some platonic hangouts such as eating out or enjoying happy hour drinks. This will give you both the chance to bury the negative feelings and replace them with positive ones.

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