Easy Ways To Get Six Pack Abs

Many people fancy abs and most men will do anything within their reach to get them. They are always seen to be a sign of good health and to some people it’s seen as something that creates attraction to the opposite sex. Getting abs can prove to be tiresome work at times that needs dedication, discipline and hard work but this can change if you follow some simple daily routines. These routines usually vary from doing sit ups to doing crunches.

Let me take you through some routines:

Leg lifts

Leg lifts involves lying on the floor while straightening your legs out until they form a 90 degree angle. When doing this makes sure that your knees are not bent and that your hands are at your side. You can lower your legs making sure that they don’t touch the ground. Do this repeatedly for some minutes.


This is also known as static holds; it involves positioning your body in a push-up position with your elbow remaining on the floor and your whole body remaining flat. Try and hold this position as long as possible. The benefit of doing this is that it helps your core to hold the body in place.

Doing sit ups

Sit ups involves lying on the floor or a flat surface with the feet on the floor and knees up. You then sit all the way up while lifting your lower back from the floor along with your shoulders. Before doing this you can have someone or you can put them underneath something which will act as a wedge so as to hold your feet down on the floor. Ensure that your back is straight then lower yourself down again.

There is another type of sit up known as jackknife sit ups where you lie flat on the floor placing your hands on the ground because of the purpose of balance. Raise your knees and torso simultaneously so that the face and the knees can meet. During this process your legs will fold naturally letting your feet move towards your hips.

Abs roller

This exercise requires one to have an abs roller; it involves kneeling on the ground or a flat surface while holding the roller. You then push the roller slowly away from your body this will stretch your arms. Do this as far as you can without letting your torso to touch the ground and ensuring that your arms are outstretched above your head.


Here you are required to put your hands in front of your chest while lying on the floor. You are required to use your abdominal muscles here when raising your shoulders towards your knees which at this time are supposed to be bent. To avoid back strains it’s advised not to lift the entire back from the floor. Initial flexing your abs is the most critical part of the crunch as you lift your body from the floor. Exhale with your mouth as soon as you have started this process by lifting off the ground or floor.

There are other routines like doing butt-ups and training your oblique muscles. These are just but simple and easy daily routines that can help us answer the question.